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R&O Home: Houseplants

Discover our pick of the most beautiful and low maintenance houseplants to brighten up your home.

Houseplants are the latest home trend and are a great way not only to decorate your home but to improve your health. These touches of greenery can help to purify the air in your home, sharpen your focus and increase humidity to help with everything from dry skin, colds and sore throats.


The beauty in succulents is the diverse choice of different varieties on offer. These small plants require very little care and can be displayed in plenty of creative ways. Mix and match different varieties and display them alongside one another for an eclectic array of natural beauty. We love this trio of succulents from John Lewis to get you started. 

The Little Botanical Succulent Plant Gang


Aloe is well known for its healing properties, making it great for home skin care and sunburn remedies. This hardy plant needs very little watering and is best kept in a warm place with plenty of light.

Spider Plants

These spiky plants are great for potting or hanging. The spider plant is known as one of the most adaptable and easy to grow houseplants, so opt for this greenery for a first time plant buy.


These eye catching plants look like they’ve been taken straight from the tropics and will give your home that lush green feel. Place them in low light and keep the watering to once weekly to see this plant flourish.


These tall plants love sun, so make sure to keep them in a bright room. Water sparingly and plant in a large container to keep these trendy plants happy. Start your collection with this two stem yucca plant and white pot from You Garden for just £17.99. 

Yucca elephantipes Houseplantn