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Caring for Jewellery on Holiday

Make sure you look after your jewellery on holiday with our handy guide.

Make a list

Your packing list doesn’t need to stop at sunscreen and sunglasses. Make a full list of jewellery you intend to travel with or take pictures of each item. This is important if you insure your items in order to make a claim. 


While it may not be the most exciting part of your holiday planning, it is vital to make sure that any valuable items of jewellery are fully insured against any loss, theft or damage. Make sure your important pieces such as wedding rings, family heirlooms or expensive watches are insured on your holiday insurance or specialist policy.

Pack and store

Wrap each item individually if possible when packing your jewellery. Treat yourself to a luxurious jewellery role for delicate necklaces like this vibrant Coach option or opt for a travel jewellery box to store everything compactly. 

Stackers Overnight Travel Jewellery Box, Blush Pink
Coach Jewellery Roll

Keep away from beauty products

Many cosmetics may react with precious metals and can reduce the shine of your jewellery. Keep your beauty products sealed and away from any jewellery to avoid unfortunate mishaps. We recommend packing your jewellery in hand luggage as this not only avoids contact with cosmetics but ensures another level of security when travelling.

Take jewellery off near the water

This is one of the most important things to consider when wearing jewellery on your travels. Chemicals and minerals found in sea water and pools can have harmful effects on your jewellery leaving them tarnished while water can also soften natural pearls. Cold water can also cause fingers to shrink which may make your rings looser. We’d recommend avoiding wearing your fine jewellery to the beach or pool just to be on the safe side! 

Keep it secure

Make use of your hotel room safe to store jewellery when you go out. If this isn’t an option, try to keep your jewellery stored in a locked case for extra security.