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Winter Wedding Jewellery Ideas

Discover the best winter wedding jewellery ideas by Ruby & Oscar.

Winter Wedding Jewellery Ideas

Choosing your winter wedding jewellery shouldn’t be hard work. Wedding jewellery however can often be an overlooked part of the big day but if chosen correctly can be full of impact and can last a lifetime. 

Here at Ruby & Oscar we understand the importance of accessorising your wedding dress so that you look and feel perfect on your big day.

Our in-house jewellery experts have selected the finest winter wedding styles and put together a list of top tips to help you choose your perfect winter wedding jewellery. 

The Best Gemstones for Winter Wedding Jewellery

Tanzanite Jewellery

Add a touch of something blue to your wedding dress with tanzanite.

The birthstone of December, tanzanite makes for a cool winter addition and is a great way to symbolise a December wedding. 

Tanzanite’s lush purple blue tones add a subtle touch of colour that will complement any white or ivory wedding dress.

Add blue flowers to your floral bouquet for a coordinated accessory and true ice-queen look. 

Wear a complete tanzanite set or choose a single piece of tanzanite for a more subtle appearance.

Pearl Jewellery

A timeless classic pearls have long been part of the tradition when it comes to wedding jewellery. 

The simplicity and versatility of pearls make them an ideal choice for brides. A classic style, pearls can compliment any wedding dress making them an easy choice of accessory. 

Whether you’re looking for simple pearl jewellery or pearls with a stylish twist you can be sure that whatever you choose will look effortlessly flawless.

Garnet Jewellery

Choose gorgeous garnet for your January winter wedding.

The birthstone of January, Garnet makes for a fiery addition and is a great way to symbolise your new year wedding.

Choose heart shaped garnet jewellery to symbolise your love and commitment or opt for a simple yet stunning single stone for a more classic look. 

Red garnet jewellery set’s are also perfect for eastern cultures who traditionally add colour to their attire. 

Cubic Zirconia Jewellery

Add a sparkling finishing touch to your special ensemble with cubic zirconia.

Brighten up the dark winter day with this dazzling diamond substitute and look and feel like royalty. 

Eternally fashionable, cubic zirconia is an elegant choice of jewellery and an ideal accessory for a fairy tale winter wedding.

Choose statement pieces to achieve the perfect princess look and match your chosen jewellery to your wedding ring for a flawless coordinated style. 

How to choose your wedding jewellery

View our guide on how to choose your wedding jewellery

For the wedding party

Match your winter wonderland wedding jewellery with your wedding party for a coordinated look. Explore the unique range of R&O designed wedding jewellery and find the pieces perfect for your special day. 

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