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How To Wear Men’s Gemstone Rings

Men's gemstone rings are the latest must try jewellery trend to emerge this year. Learn how to wear these colourful rings with R&O Man.

The Rise of Men's Gemstone Rings

Men’s gemstone rings are rings or bands that incorporate natural or lab created gemstones into a selection of modern yet masculine ring designs. A feature of women’s jewellery for decades, it is only in the last few years that the precious gemstone trend has made its way over to men. A trend that is here to stay, gemstone rings can be worn for a subtle splash of colour or for a statement speaking appeal. But what exactly are gemstones?

Gemstones are crystals formed from minerals created by high pressure and temperature underneath the earth’s surface. These extreme conditions result in stones with striking colours and patterns. As well as being created by nature, gemstones can be made in labs, where the heat and pressure of the earth is recreated.

Men's Ruby Gemstone Ring in Sterling Silver
Men's Ruby Gemstone Ring in Sterling Silver

Lab-created gemstones are physically and chemically identical to natural gems, but as the conditions they are grown in are controlled it is possible to create stunning, high clarity jewels.

Classics of gemstone jewellery include rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Alongside these translucent staples of the jewellery market are opaque stones, such as turquoise and onyx. Long believed by royalty to be talismans of good fortune, in the present day gemstones are valued for their unique colours and rarity. Once seen as exclusive, gemstones are now affordable and available with a quick click.

Gemstone Ring Styles

Signet Rings

A staple of men’s jewellery is the signet ring. This type of ring traditionally consists of a wide band and a flat face, ready for a family crest or insignia. Long associated with the machismo of Tony Montana, the addition of gemstones refreshes the signet ring for a new generation of men. 

Men's Sapphire Signet Ring in Sterling Silver
Men's Sapphire Signet Ring in Sterling Silver

How to Wear Gemstone Signet Rings

1) Signet rings are typically worn on the pinky or index fingers of your non-dominant hand. This allows for the ring to add style into your outfit without interfering with day-to-day activities.

2) If you’re looking for your gemstone signet ring to really stand out, wear your signet ring on your index finger. This allows for the colour of the gemstone to really be seen.

Eternity Rings

A minimal alternative to the signet ring is the eternity ring. Rather than containing a single, statement gem, this design features a series of smaller gemstones set within the band.
Men's Gemstone Rings - CZ Wedding Band
Men's CZ Eternity Wedding Band in Titanium

How to Wear Gemstone Eternity Rings

1) Eternity rings are typically worn on the ring finger as a wedding ring (the fourth finger on the left hand), however, can also look great on any finger on any hand.

2) Wear them alone for a simple statement or stack them with other plain bands or your engagement ring for an on-trend look and double the wow factor.

How to Wear Men's Gemstone Rings


Shirt, check. Shorts, check… why stop there? Match the striking colours of a gemstone ring with your co-ord outfit to create the ultimate curated look. Perfect for a sunny beer garden or to elevate your loungewear.


Flared trousers, big collars, statement shirts, short shorts: in 2021 the 70s are back with a vengeance. Turquoise, alongside other natural materials, was a big jewellery trend in the decade. Make sure to stand out from the crowd with a turquoise signet ring.

Neutral Tones

Make your jewellery the focal point by combining a gemstone ring with neutral tones. A ruby, sapphire or emerald is ideal for this, as their translucence allows light to shine through showcasing their striking colours.

R&O Man Gemstone Rings

Designed for maximum impact, this selection of men’s gemstone rings offers striking colours and unique designs. 

Father's Day Jewellery - Men's Turquoise Knight Ring in Sterling Silver
Turquoise Knight Ring in Sterling Silver - £215
Men's Emerald ring in Sterling Silver
Emerald ring in Sterling Silver - £227
Father's Day Jewellery - Men's Black Onyx Knight Ring in Sterling Silver
Black Onyx Knight Ring in Sterling Silver - £208
Men's Diamond Comfort Ring in Sterling Silver
Diamond Comfort Ring in Sterling Silver - £189
Men's Ruby & CZ Cabochon Ring in Sterling Silver
Ruby & CZ Cabochon Ring in Sterling Silver - £249
Sapphire Ring in Sterling Silver - £233

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